How to become a digital coach?

Hello, We all have different passions. Some people are lucky enough to pursue their passion, unfortunately, some cannot follow their passion. There are also some people who are brilliant, skilled, educated, and have a strong passion for something they want to do but are not courageous enough or not aware of how to become a digital coach.

If you are one of them, who has a powerful passion to pass your wisdom to others and love to work as a digital coach, this one’s for you. Let me show you how you can pursue your passion as a Digital coach.

In this article I’m going to provide directions that help you map out what you need to get to start your journey to become a digital coach

What is Digital Coaching?

A digital coaching example

If you have a level of expertise in your field, passionate enough for helping others succeed, and are looking for a flexible, sustainable way of making income, then this is for you.

Digital coaching helps to connect your expertise to the people who need it. It is a fast track form of coaching for all who are fond of teaching or explaining a particular topic or other, in which they have knowledge.

A digital coach is a person who conducts digital coaching. It can be a professional person, skilled labor, or a person who has a powerful passion to share his knowledge. It is a perfect fit for the microwave kind of society we live in. 

For this, first, you need to be mentally prepared for the feelings of rejection. Feelings of rejection may happen when clients finish coaching with you after a few interactions.

So whatever happens, just follow your passion. Eventually it will lead you to success.


Research for Digital Coaching

You can do this by following an expert in your niche (or niches). Learn about what they offer. Try reading their books, visit their social media platforms, referring to magazines or articles that mention your niche.

Also, figure out if there is something unique you can solve in your niche that hasn’t been offered. Try to be unique to your approach.

Consider the factors such as the value you bring, the amount of information the user would have access to, style, language, your price, your location. 

Most importantly, try to stick on to a particular niche and master it. Your input and encouragement are also important, so don’t hide your areas of expertise.

Create your online course videos

Videos of Digital coaching

It is important to create course videos.Your recording can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. You can record on a webcam.To give it some personality, create an intro, add music or simply hit record and share it out.

These videos will help your potential users see exactly what your product or service does, without having to read a ton of material.

That means you have a great opportunity to create valuable instructional videos for your audience.

Some digital coaches record calls and give them to their clients so they can review their sessions. If you want to do that, you must get software that will record and store your calls.

If you have a dominant personality, unique and amazing content, you could probably get away with using just a smartphone.

But do keep in mind that digital coaching has become a competitive space, and as a beginner, it’s best to put some effort into the visual quality of your videos.

Let’s check some of the essential recording tools:

Camera – Quality camcorders or webcams would suffice if you’re just starting out, but DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are an excellent investment for when you’re ready to upgrade.

Microphone – Remember that your audio quality needs to complement your video. Even if you record high-quality footage, you will have trouble keeping your viewers interested if the audio is terrible. So get a good microphone.

Tripod – A tripod is the more affordable choice, so you can shoot from interesting vantage points.

Lighting – creating videos with ampul light is important, avoid recordings in dimly lit areas. Lighting equipment can change the mood and even out the brightness of your setup.

Video Editing Software – When you’ve got all the hardware you need, you’ll also have to find a good video editing software.

Use LMS software

An LMS or learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

Learning is the core of delivering any educational or training program by an individual.

Management is the stem of the learning program which manages all the schedules for each and every individual.

System is nothing but an e-platform to deliver the learning programs.

Identify your target audience

Identify your target audience who is perfect for you, who would love to take a part of your digital coaching.

The secret to a successful digital coaching  is selecting the right user. Don’t get into the “fixing” method of turning losers into winners. it’s exhausting.

There are also people who say they want something but don’t take action to get there or aren’t willing to work for it.

Instead, focus on helping ambitious people, who are determined to work hard to achieve the end result.

It is best practice to narrow your targeted audience, this will help you in saving time and stay focused. 

Market your course

Marketing Digital Course

Digital coaching is a trending industry that’s growing rapidly.So it is important to do your marketing in such a way that it will reach your potential audience.

You need to showcase your course to as many people as possible. The best way to do so is running ads in your relevant niche and also in different social media channels 

Preferably finding the right place to inform your audience is the biggest concern. Generally when it comes to education most of the people will go for either the best one or for the nearest one, so make sure you target those kinds of audience also. 

Your blog is a great place to announce your course, especially if you regularly publish free content related to your course topic. 

If you write articles about the same topic that you teach in your course, then every person who reads your blog is a potential student for your course.

Provide value to the users

Always provide a value

Research some of the existing online courses related to your topic so that you have a good idea of what is included in those courses and how they are presented.

The goal here is to determine how you will differentiate your course from your competition. What areas of your topic will you cover that your competition missed?

What value can you add to your course that is not included in the others?

Identify your unique value proposition and include it on your course and in your marketing messages. Plus, when people ask “how is your course different from XYZ?”, it helps to have a good answer.

Listening is perhaps one of the greatest tools you have to increase.

Nurture your audience

Audience for your online Course

When it comes to lead nurturing, it’s important to understand how to earn followers. By understanding how to capture the interest of interested people and produce required materials like handouts, blog posts, videos, articles, etc, related to your course.

Use an effective resource for email nurturing

Email nurturing allows you to formulate a more personalized human interaction with your audience.Send regular emails to keep audiences engaged, but don’t go overboard.

It  allows you to build stronger relationships with your users and grow your followers in the long run.

It can help track ,create and send  more timely emails that’ll keep your audience engaged, informed, and satisfied

Personalize your content

Creating a personalized experience means your audience is more likely to feel engaged.

Building a relationship allows them to feel like they’re a valued user to you.

Social Media Presence

By connecting to your audience directly through social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can add a personal element to your relationship.

Building followers and interacting with your audience not only encourages them to engage with you, but it also shows that you’re present and up to date with your course.

This is one of the most important way to become a digital coach

Finally Sell

Create a free mini-course

Take certain sections or concepts from your main course and publish them in a mini-course. Give away your mini-course for free, and at the end of your course, users can decide if they want to dive deeper into your topic.

Host a live webinar

One of the best ways to sell online courses is to host a live webinar for people who are interested in your topic.

 On the webinar, share some of your best content for free. This helps to position you as an expert and it also helps to build trust before you introduce your course.

When you start getting more attendees in your audience, the size of the webinar will add some valuable social proof to your presentation.

Prepare your offers

You can implement some techniques like distribution of  coupons, discounts and course bundles or work with seasonal offers or discounts you may have.

With coupons, you can share a range of discounts and special offers at different percentages and prices. These you can send to your email lists, submit them at different websites for offers/discounts, or share them on your social media pages/profiles or groups.

Which in turn attracts the potential audience who might be interested in your course.

Coaching educators or online coaches create digital learning environments which is a challenging, important, and highly collaborative role.

Individuals who play this role are instrumental in cultivating a digital learning culture within their school, district, and/or state. When it’s done in the spirit of shared leadership, online coaching is feasible and effective.

Hope this article helps you in finding the answer for the question how to become a digital coach!

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